In partnership with DC Public Schools and community-based organizations, GW DC Reads is committed to providing quality on-site, one-on-one or group tutoring for K-8 students in need in Washington, DC. Tutors build literacy and math skills with students while fostering meaningful relationships.
We are a great Federal Work-Study option!

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  • Improve children’s academic development and performance specifically in math and reading
  • Partner with community organizations that have common goals and whose focus is on the K-8 population
  • Support in-class instruction in DC Public Schools

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Over 225 GW DC Reads tutors served over 16,000 hrs in the 2014-2015 academic year.

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Community Voices

DC Reads Community Partner: “DC Reads tutors are the glue that keeps everything together. They bring new energy to youth development that is impressive and over the past three years we have seen great leaders emerge from the program.”
– Higher Achievement Program
DC Reads Tutee: “I can’t wait for the next community night, I just love learning, thank you.”

– 1st grader at MLK with Turning the Page

DC Reads Tutor : “This experience has arguably been the most impactful and important one I’ve had at GW. DC Reads inspired me to work towards having my own after-school non-profit program that uses arts and project-based learning to develop leaders and thinkers.”
– GW student, Class of 2016
DC Reads Community Partner: “We value your [DC Reads Tutors] consistent responsibility and willingness to support our programs both at Community Nights and during the planning process.”

– Turning the Page

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