Higher Achievement Program

 Read the information below & get to know the Higher Achievement Program!
Our ‘student voices’ are  short videos featuring GW tutors sharing their DC Reads site experience.
Student Voices-Meet Melissa & Bryan
  • Grade Range: 5th-8th
  • Tutor Student Ratio:
    • Study Hall Aide: 3:12
    • Teacher Mentor: 1:3/4
  • Outside Prep: Some (mentors only)
  • Schedule:
    • Study Hall Aide: Mon,Tu,Thurs 3-6
    • Teacher Mentor: Mon,Tu,Thurs 6-8:15
  • Location @ Ward 6:
    • Site Contact:
  • Location @ Ward 7:
    • Site Contact:



book banner

Joining a teacher, tutors have the option to help middle school scholars complete homework in a study hall setting. Tutors also have the option to mentor a group of three scholars using either subject-based or life-skill lesson plans. If you choose to mentor a group of scholars, you also have the option of creating your own lessons or exploring a different subject matter.
At this site, you are working with scholars to build core academic competencies in addition to social and emotional intelligence!

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