Reading Partners

 Read the information below & get to know Reading Partners!
Our ‘student voices’ are  short videos featuring GW tutors sharing their DC Reads site experience.
Student Voices-Meet Gwen
    • Grade Range: 1st-5th
    • Tutor Student Ratio: 1:1
    • Outside Prep: None, pre-made lesson plans
    • Schedule: Mon-Th, 45 min blocks between 9-5
    • Site Contact: Naomi Shachter*

*once placed, the AmeriCorps VISTA acting as site coordinator with whom you work is your contact

    • Location: Various locations in NW, NE & SE

TBD for the 2015-16 academic year

book banner

Tutors use curriculum that focuses on reading comprehension and building a foundation for literacy. There is a step-by-step curriculum to follow that corresponds directly to the students’ current reading level. You are encouraged to make notes about each session to track progress.
With this partner, you have the opportunity to build a meaningful and personal relationship with a student!

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