Turning the Page

 Read the information below & get to know Turning the Page!
Our ‘student voices’ are  short videos featuring GW tutors sharing their DC Reads site experience.
Student Voices-Meet Susan & Brandon
      • Grade Range: Pre K-8th
      • Tutor Student Ratio: 3:15-20
      • Outside Prep: None,activities given
      • Schedule: Tu-Th, 5:30-8:00
      • Site Contact:
        • Jenn–jparisi@turningthepage.org
      • Location:
        • TBD for the 2015-2016 academic year

*Turning the Page picks you up from the Metro Stop closest to the school where you are participating in a Community Night. 



book banner

Tutors keep students engaged with various literacy-centered activities during parent workshops. Families have dinner together beforehand and then tutors are divided among classrooms. Tutors are co-educators with other volunteers as they actively interact with students in their group.

With this partner, you are a link in the chain connecting community, schools and families around the common goal of literacy and education. Opportunities to problem-solve and to have fun while doing so !

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